1. Interpretation

1.1 In these Competition Rules, the following definitions apply (unless the context clearly indicates a contrary intention):

1.1.1 “the Act” means the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008;

1.1.2 "Business Day" means a day other than a Saturday or a Sunday or a day which from time to time is a proclaimed public holiday in the Republic of South Africa;

1.1.3 “Competition Rules” means these rules, as required by Section 36 of the Act;

1.1.4 “Participant” means an individual who enters the Promotional Competition and meets the criteria set out in any natural person who qualifies in terms of clause 4.1;

1.1.5 “POPI” means the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013;

1.1.6 “Promoter” means Tiger Milling;

1.1.7 “Promotional Competition” means the competition to which these rules pertain as run by the Promoter during the Promotion Period;

1.1.8 “Promotion Period” means the period starts on February 2021, and closes on 31 July 2021, at 00h00. No late entries will be accepted;

1.1.9 “Prize” means as further described in clause 6;

1.1.10 “Redeemable Period” means the period that the Participants have to redeem their Prize being “Redeemable Period” means the period that the Participants have to redeem their Prize being within 3 months of the final draw has taken place; and

1.1.11 “Winner” means a Participant who is successful in the Promotional Competition and is notified as such by the Promoter in terms of clause 7.

2. Introduction

2.1 The Promoter is offering a Promotional Competition in terms of which the Participants can enter the Promotional Competition in order to win the Prize, in terms of the Competition Rules set out herein.

3. The Consumer Protection Act

3.1 The Competition Rules contain certain terms and conditions which may:-

3.1.1 limit the risk or liability of the Promoter, or any relevant third party; and/or

3.1.2 create risk or liability for the Participant; and/or

3.1.3 compel the Participant to indemnify the Promoter or a relevant third party; and/or

3.1.4 serve as an acknowledgement, by the Participant, of certain facts.

4. The Participant

4.1 The Participant must be;

4.1.1 a natural person and may not be a juristic person;

4.1.2 18 years or older; and

4.1.3 a permanent resident or citizens of the Republic of South Africa.

4.2 The Participant, by entering into the Promotional Competition, expressly acknowledges that he/she has been given an appropriate opportunity to first read the Competition Rules before entering the Promotional Competition and that he/she understands and thereby agrees to the Competition Rules.

4.3 It is a material term of the Promotional Competition that all Participants’ to this Promotional Competition participate entirely at their own risk.

4.4 No director, employee, agent or consultant of the Promotor(s), or their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members, or the supplier of goods and services in connection with this competition may participate in this competition.

4.5 Anyone who within a period of 183 days preceding this competition has won any competition organised, promoted, or conducted by Tiger Brands, who resides at the same address as such a Winner, or who uses the same telephone number to enter this competition may not participate in this competition.

5. How to enter

5.1 To enter this competition Participants will be required to:

5.1.1 Buy Any Participating Ace Products, Dial *120*1603# and follow the prompts, or WhatsApp your till slip to 072136 9927, or Check your Shoprite & Checkers till slip for details on how to enter.

5.1.1 Buy Any Participating Ace Products, Dial *120*1603# and follow the prompts, or WhatsApp your till slip to 072136 9927, or Check your Shoprite & Checkers till slip for details on how to enter.

5.1.2 Participating products: All ACE 2,5kg packs, All ACE 5kg packs, All ACE 10kg packs, All ACE 12,5kg packs, ALL ACE 25kg packs.

5.1.3 Note: ACE 1kg packs do not fall under participating packs.

5.2 USSD Free minutes apply.

5.3 Entrants must retain their till slip showing proof of purchase as this will need to be presented to claim your prize if you are drawn as a Winner.

5.4 Entries will be limited to 3 entries per month per cell number used. Multiple entries are permitted but the Prize is limited to one Prize per winner.

5.5 Competition limited to EC consumers

5.6 The Promoter is not liable for the failure of any technical element relating to this promotional competition that may result in an entry not being successfully submitted.

5.7 Entries that are unclear, illegible or contain errors will be declared invalid.

6. The Prize

6.1 The prizes are split into three phases:

6.1.1 WhatsApp & USSD entries:1 of 102 Daily instant airtime vouchers to the value of R10. 1 of 3 Weekly Grocery vouchers to the value of R1000. 1 of 2 Monthly cash vouchers to the value of R10 000. Total Prizes to the value of R495 600

6.1.1 WhatsApp & USSD entries:1 of 102 Daily instant airtime vouchers to the value of R10. 1 of 3 Weekly Grocery vouchers to the value of R1000. 1 of 2 Monthly cash vouchers to the value of R10 000. Total Prizes to the value of R495 600

6.1.2 Shoprite/Checkers till slip entries: 1 of 120 Daily instant airtime vouchers to the value of R10. 1 of 2 Weekly Grocery vouchers to the value of R1000. 1 of 2 Monthly cash vouchers to the value of R10 000.Total prizes to the value of R504 000

6.2 The draws will take place daily, weekly and monthly.

6.3 The Winners will be selected by an audited random draw and will be notified telephonically within two weeks of the selection having taken place.

6.4 In the event that any of the Winners cannot be successfully contacted following all reasonable attempts to do so the Promoter reserves the right to draw another winner in substitution. The names of the Winners will be available on the consumer care line. Any queries in this regard may be directed to the Tiger Brands consumer care line 0860101107.

6.5 Any prize not taken up for any reason within three months of notification will be forfeited.

7. The Winner

7.1 There will be 222 daily airtime voucher winners selected, 5 weekly grocery vouchers winners will be selected and 4 monthly cash voucher winners will be selected.

7.2 By participating in the Promotional Competition, the Winner hereby accepts that the Winner will be asked to take part in further publicity relating to the Promotional Competition, with the Winner’s permission, the Promoter may incorporate the Winner in publicity campaigns or allow their names and likenesses to be used for promotional purposes aligned with the Promoter's business, including but not limited to posting photos to the Promoter's website, Facebook and other social media pages.

7.3 The Winners may be required to sign a waiver of liability and indemnity before claiming their prizes.

7.4 All Winners will be required to provide their names, ID numbers, delivery address and contact details and to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the Prize.

7.5 The Participants consent, by taking part in the competition to the Promoter using the personal information collected through the competition to adjudicate the competition and for future marketing purposes by the Promoter themselves.

7.6 Where Participants/ Winners consent to take part in the Promoter's publicity campaigns, they will not be entitled to any remuneration for such participation and all materials arising from such participation will be the sole property of the Promoter.

8. The Rules

8.1 The following rules apply to the Promotional Competition:-

8.1.1 the Participants must provide correct and up-to-date personal details as required by the Promoter with each referral sent to the Promoter and allow the Promoter to process such information in terms of POPI;

8.1.2 the Promoter reserves the right to amend these Competition Rules by bringing it to the Participants attention within a reasonable period of time and may terminate the Promotional Competition at any time. In such event, where the Promotional Competition is terminated or suspended, all Participants agree to waive any rights that they may have in terms of the Promotional Competition and acknowledge that they have no recourse against the Promoter, their employees, agents, partners, suppliers, or sponsors;

8.1.3 in the event of a dispute, the decision of the Promoter will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into. In this regard and for further clarity, the Promoter shall be entitled to deal with such disputes (or any failure by Participants to follow the rules) in their sole discretion, including that the Promoter shall be entitled to immediately disqualify Participants from this Promotional Competition.

8.1.4 Unlawful, fraudulent, or otherwise dishonest conduct or any conduct in breach of these Rules by a Participant and/or their parents/guardians, determined in the Promoter’s sole discretion, may result in disqualification from the Promotional Competition and ineligibility to win any prize.

9. Indemnification

9.1 By entering into the Promotional Competition, the Participant expressly agrees to the following indemnifications:

9.1.1 the Participant indemnifies and holds harmless the Promoter and its promotional partners, their employees and their agents (“the Indemnified Parties”) of any and all liability pertaining to any damage, cost, injuries and losses of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising as a result of their participation in the Promotional Competition and related events and activities, including, without limitation, personal injuries, death, and property damage, and claims based on publicity rights, defamation or invasion of privacy; and

9.1.2 the Participant accepts that the Indemnified Parties will not be responsible for any costs, damage or otherwise, howsoever incurred by the Winner subsequent to claiming the Prize.

10. Prize Qualification Rules

10.1 A Prize may not be handed over to a winner when it is prohibited by law for the winner to use the prize. The Winner must prove their eligibility to use the prize. Once the Winner has been notified and the prize has been handed over, the Winner must sign an acknowledgement of receiving the Prize.

10.2 The Winner must provide valid proof of identity (a green bar-coded ID book, passport or drivers licence) as well as a copy of the Till Slip showing purchase of the required products.

10.3 Any extras not included in the Prize as detailed above will be at the expense of the winner.

10.4 The Promoter reserves the right to substitute the Prize with any other prize of similar commercial value to the Prize offered herein, at its sole discretion.

10.5 For further information or enquiries please email consumer services at or call us on 086 010 O878. Calls to this number will be charged by your cellular network service provider.

11. POPI

11.1 Any personal data relating to the Winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with the current Act (defined above) and POPI and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.

11.2 This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network.

11.3 The Participant by part taking in the Promotional Competition consents to his/her personal information to be shared with the Promoter's employees, contractors or agents for the purpose of this Promotional Competition and for the purpose of sharing future promotions.

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